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Eel Baits

Baits which eels have been caught on must range in their hundreds. Anglers over the years have all tried various ideas and all swore that they have found the answer. I have tried many of these baits myself but the one monster eel has still not taken my sample, thought I live in hope.

The range of baits one can use is mind blowing, some of the baits I have tried have yet to catch an eel, also there are loads which are on the list I have even yet to try.

Here is the list:-

WORMS :- These include red worms, lob worms, brandlings, marsh red worms, meal worms(kind of grub) Lugworm and Ragworm. The latter two are obviously sea baits but they have been reported to catch eels.

SNAILS:- Best used with the shells smashed. Yet to catch an eel to my rod at least.

SLUGS:- There are 3 kinds of slugs which are of interest, the small white ones, the big balck one and the brown mottle type. I have caught eels up to 2lb 6 oz so far. But I know eels have been reported over 5lb a few years back.

FRESHWATER DEADBAITS :- These include Trout, Roach, Rudd, Chub, Dace, Bleak, Stoneloach, Gudgeon, Carp, Perch, Bream, and Pike sections. These are fished whole or in sections or even filleted and cut into strips.

SEA FISH :- These include Spratts, smelt, Pilchards, Sand eels, Mackrel, Herrings, Squid, Cockles and whitebait.

PRAWNS :- These I have used to catch Chub and Perch. I reckon it will catch eels.

SHRIMPS :- Same as Prawns.

Maggots :- When I have used them I have only caught Boot laces. But some big eels have been caught on them so give them a go.

CASTERS :- Same as with maggots.

DOCK GRUBS :- Although I have come across them while digging the garden. I have yet to use them, they are the larvae of the Ghost Moth.

CHAFFER GRUBS:- I have only used them once, but I did catch one eel which weighed 1lb 10 oz .

MEAT:- These include Bacon, Raw Meat, Beef, Liver, Luncheon Meat, Spam etc. caught eels up to 3lb on this type of bait.

CHEESE:- I used this bait on the Dorset Stour a few years back whilst fishing for chub and I ended up with quite a few eels up to 2lbs in just a few hours fishing.

PARTICLES:- Seed Baits:- I mention this type of bait mainly because on a certain welsh lake where the Carp Anglers are pestered by eels(their words not mine). At first, the Eels left the baits alone, but after prolonged use the eels recongised them as a valuable food source. A good point to bear in mind if you use this type of bait.

BOLLIES :- This bait, is I am sure the most talked about between anglers, they come in various colours, flavors, shapes and sizes, and offer a range of methods, side hooked, hair rigged, multi hooked. You name it someone has used it. There have been some huge eels caught on them thou. My best is a 3lb 12 ozs Eel.

All these baits being mentioned must give you something to think about for the coming eel season. If anyone who uses a strange bait and catches let us know through the website.

Best of luck for the coming season.

K.S.Huish (Eel)



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